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Trademark is the identity and signature of a business- it is how a business is known by its customers and the public. A business’ work and reputation are at stake under its Trademark- it carries the heart of a business.


We devote to handle and manage your Trademark protection by providing advice, pre-filing search, filing and renewal professionally and efficiently to ensure the exclusivity of your Trademark.


What is Trademark and what can be registered?

Trademark is mostly regarded as a business’ name or its logo- yet it can be more than that. It can be extended to your business’ signature, e.g. colour and sound. There are a number of factors affecting one’s Trademark registrability, for example when there is a similar mark already registered or it is offensive to certain culture. Our professional team can advise you on your mark before submitting it to the officials.  

Protection Duration and Renewal

A registered Trademark can be valid forever, as long as it is renewed every ten years and in genuine use. 

Nice International Classification

When you apply for registration of your Trademark, you apply to register it under the class of goods or services your Trademark will cover. 

Under the NICE International Classification (an international Trademark classification system), there are 45 classes (35 classes for goods and 10 classes for service). Each Trademark application is for a single class only, though you may include more than one good or service under the same class in one Trademark application (but not the entire class).

What protection can Trademark registration offer?

It gives you exclusivity to your Trademark over the classification you specified in the registration. It does not just prevent copycat, but for any misuse of your mark which may damage your business reputation. Registering your Trademark is essential in protecting and growing your business’ intangible asset. 



Pre-filing search

Optional and advisable

Before filing to the Registry your Trademark registration application- it is advisable to conduct a search on the existing registered Trademark. This assures  the intended Trademark is registrable to avoid delay, extra cost and possibility of infringement of a third party's Trademark. 

Filing and Application

This is the stage to prepare and submit your application to the Registry. We will prepare for you the application requirements, liaise with the Registry for any amendment and objection etc. 

This usually takes around 18 - 24 months  before the acceptance from the Registry. You may apply for fast track at an additional fee if you satisfy the list of grounds set by the Registry, which will shorten the process time to around 7 months. 




After acceptance from the Registry, your Trademark proceeds to advertisement on the Government Gazette for 2 months to serve as a grace period for opposition from any third party. We will monitor the progress and be able to advise you further if there is any opposition.  

Registration and Post- registration

For there is no opposition, a certificate of Registration will be issued to you after the gazette period.


Trademark Registration lasts for 10 years from the date of Registration. (Renewable every 10 years for a fee) 

We will send you reminder for renewal and can advise you further if required on your Trademark protection and follow-up business.

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