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A good design can attract business as it makes your product stand out and catches consumer’s eyes. Such design is unique to your product, your business and as important as your brand name.

We provide Hong Kong and worldwide Design search, filing and application and renewal services. 


What is Registered Design and what can be registered?

Registered Design covers the non-functional design to an article, which an article means any and any part of an article of manufacture or handicraft (except integrated circuit). It is the external visual design of an article that Industrial Design protects. Design of the functional part of an article may be qualified for registering as Patent (see Patent). 

Protection Duration and Renewal

A registered Design can last for 25 years in total from the date of initial filing subject to renewal every 5 years. 

Novelty requirement 

Only new Design that has not been disclosed to the public anywhere in the world can be qualified for registration. (Except for unlawful public disclosure or public disclosure in an official or officially recognized exhibition 6 months prior to date of filing).

International Classification for Designs (Locarno Classification)

The Registry adopts the International Classification for Industrial Design, namely the Locarno Classification, system for Design registration. You are required to select which class of article is your design for in the application. 

There are 32 classes of goods in total, class selection should be based on the nature and the main function of your product. 

Our professional team can advise you further if you require help in selecting class. 

ID procedure


Pre-filing search

Optional and advisable

Before filing to the Registry your Design registration application- it is advisable to conduct a search on the existing registered Design. This assures the intended Design is registrable to avoid delay, extra cost and possibility of infringement of a third party's Design. 

Filing and Application

This is the stage to prepare and submit your application to the Registry. We will prepare for you the application requirements, liaise with the Registry for any amendment and official action etc. 

Certificate of Registration

A certificate of registration of your Registered Design will be issued in around 8- 12 months from the Registry's acceptance of your completed application.


Then your application will be published in the Government Gazette. 

 Post- registration

Registered Design registration lasts for a maximum of 25 years from the date of registration, subject to renewal in every 5 years from the date of initial filing. 

We will send you reminder for renewal and can advise you further if required on your Registered Design protection and follow-up business.

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